The problem of fleas is commonly faced by homes with pets. Fleas are often highly invasive and cause lots of troubles for the animal as well as the owner. It is vital that a flea infestation be detected in a timely manner as fleas multiply and spread rather quickly!

The cat flea and the dog flea are the most common fleas in North America. AMCO would like to remind you that taking your pet to the vet at required intervals is highly recommended, not just for the well-being of your pet but for your family and home as well.

People have often used certain homemade remedies to get rid of fleas. Keep in mind this only works for non-invasive infestations of smaller strengths, once they increase in numbers these remedies may no longer work. If you feel that you will not be able to eliminate the fleas completely please do not hesitate to call AMCO Pest Control immediately for Fleas pest control in Toronto.

AMCO’s specialist will assess the situation and will implement the appropriate eradication plan. Rest assured our methods are eco-friendly, safe and will pose no threat to your pet or your family.